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There is a school of thought that there may be an infinite number of Universes. The theory suggests that whatever version of yourself you care to imagine, there is a parallel universe where that you actually exists. It follows, therefore, that somewhere there is a universe where Katie’s alter-ego exists. Let’s call her Bad Katie...

(Please remember the following events take place in an alternate universe and bear no relation to our Katie whatsoever!)

Episode 1 - The Fish Song

Episode 2 - Bad Katie Live in Concert

Episode 3 - Bad Katie Goes To Prison

Episode 4 - The Queen Album

Episode 5 - Bad Katie Goes Busking

Episode 6 - Cash In The Attic

Episode 7 - The Man In The Bush

Episode 8 - Bad Katie Makes Some Friends

Episode 9 - Bad K8EE, Rapper!

Episode 10 - Bad Katie Robs A Bank

Episode 11 - Bad Katie Loses Her Marbles

Episode 12 - All About Bad Katie

Episode 13 - Bad Katie Does Bob Unplugged

Episode 14 - Bad Katie On Saturday Kitchen

Episode 15 - Bad Katie Goes Back To School

Episode 16 - Bad Katie Storms A Castle

Episode 17 - Bad Katie By Royal Command

Episode 18 - Bad Katie Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Episode 19- Bad Katie Lands A Plane

Episode 20 - A Very BK Christmas

Episode 21 - When Bad Katie Met Bob

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